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Hand Crafted Items: Because we hand make each item, every step is taken to ensure that each serving is as identical as possible. However, there might be slight variations in overall appearance and weight of each finished product.

Shelf Life: Products have a shelf life of approx. 2-10 weeks from when you receive them, storage instructions and dates are included on each product label.


Fueled by a passion to see others succeed

I have been into health and fitness for as long as I can remember, competing in numerous sports from childhood through adulthood such as martial arts, softball, volleyball, triathlons, various durations of running events, mountain biking, CrossFit, rock climbing, hiking, and kayaking. Filling my weeks with any sort of physical activity, I thrived on anything that would challenge and push me to my limits. I started competing in bikini in my late thirties and plan to continue to push myself physically for as long as I can. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is properly fueling my body and always having healthy snacks to keep me on track.

In my twenties when I became a personal trainer and managed a personal training studio in Oregon, I found the perfect canvas. My passion for fitness only grew as I watched the struggles that others went through, not just with their discipline at the gym but even more with their diets. I learned how foods affected not only their minds but their bodies and performance. Emotional eating through tough times and trying to crash diet and lose weight as quickly as they could for a special event, my clients would later relapse and gain all the weight plus more back.

I absolutely despise the word “diet”. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, which means enjoying the things that makes us happy. To a lot of people, one of the biggest sources of happiness is food, but it is also one of our biggest demises. I used to love to learn what it was that my clients just “couldn’t live without” in their diets, and then I would recreate it in a way that would fulfill their cravings by eating the foods they ate every day without completely ruining their hard work. Experimenting constantly with cookies, muffins, breads, and bars that were created for my clients with various disease states such as Celiac Disease, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Seizures, and High Blood Pressure, I would get excited from seeing their faces light up when they would taken a bite, and that was all the motivation I needed.

With all the fad diets out there continually changing based on research, I feel that it is important to just keep focus on one thing and that is creating clean, healthy, fresh baked, nutrient packed treats that taste good. No matter what “diet” you are on there are nutrients that your body will always need like protein, vitamins, fiber, and healthy fats, and there are nutrients that our bodies need very limited amounts such as sugar, saturated fats, trans fats, sodium, refined flours, and preservatives, to name a few. I always use the healthiest and cleanest versions of ingredients, such as all natural organic almond butter and peanut butter (which means the only thing listed under the ingredients on the label is almonds or peanuts), all natural almond flour, organic coconut oil, fresh all natural lemon juice, and high quality proteins, which leads to the best tasting and nutrient rich fresh baked items out there.


Almond Flour is simply blanched ground almonds. One cup of almond flour contains about 90 almonds. It is packed with protein, low in carbohydrates, gluten free, and paleo and keto friendly. Almonds boost heart health. More than 65% of the fat in almonds is monosaturated, which is excellent for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. The combination of healthy fats, macronutrients, and micronutrients make almond flour an excellent energy booster. Almonds also aid in managing blood sugar for diabetics. A 2006 study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that for healthy individuals almonds decreased post-meal blood glucose levels, the presence of insulin in the blood, and oxidative damage. Antioxidant levels in the blood also increased after eating almond meal.