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Keep Your Immune System Strong

With covid and the flu in full swing, it's important we do everything we can to help our immune system stay strong. One of the things we need to really focus in on is the dangers of processed sugar and how it can impact each one of our immune systems.

High blood sugar can be caused by many factors, but the biggest is consuming too much processed sugar in your diet.  This can start your body down a horrible cycle of insulin resistance and lead to obesity.  When you are insulin resistant, it drives up inflammatory responses and starts to do damage to your blood vessels.  When this happens, your immune system jumps into action to help repair the damage.

This creates a lot of pressure on the immune system and can really weaken it.  This opens up the way for other dangerous bacteria and viruses to sneak through our body’s defenses while it’s distracted trying to repair other things.

You may think it’s all bad news if you’ve been previously diagnosed as prediabetic or diabetic, but the good news is that type 2 diabetes doesn’t need to be a permanent thing.  You can help your immune system and even reverse the cycle completely simply by eliminating excess processed sugar from your diet. Make no mistake, eliminating excess sugar from your diet is a phenomenal way to improve your immune system.

Watch out for hidden sugars as they are everywhere! 

You may be thinking:  I’m not a big desserts/sweets person, so I don’t really need to concern myself with this.

Ok, so you may not be consuming candy, cake, cookies, or donuts regularly. However, simple carbs in bread, pasta, cereal, rice, can be silently driving up your blood sugar if you consume them too consistently and/or in combinations.  We’ve got to remind ourselves that sugar is found in things like protein bars, cereal, ketchup, sauces, dressings, juice, and lattes.

This is one of the big reasons we love sharing our keto snack line is to help people satisfy their sweet tooth with amazing flavor and texture, yet in a healthy manner.  Not only do we use high quality protein sources in our snacks to help fuel your body, but we also utilize erythritol as a sweetener in our products which has several health benefits to the body as well.

So come join the Protein Snack Shop Family and together, let's KICK sugar to the curb!


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